Different habits for Canada and Italy



I live here for a month and I could note several types of Canadian behaviours which are different from Italian habits. Firstly, all people greet the bus driver when they get on or get out of the bus. It is impossible that this could happen in Italy. It is uncommon that one passenger greet the bus driver unless one know him. Secondly, I have noted some strange culinary habits. For example, while Canadian people eat salad with starter, Italian people eat salad with the principal meal. It could be a good habit eat salad first if one person has some digestive problems. Thirdly, I know that in Canada people can not smoke near to a public building although they are outside, for example in a terrace. This is a good point in favour for Canada because this can contribute to mantain clean the city and at the same time reduce the risk of passive smoking. Finally, if people want they can cross the street with their eyes closed and it will not happen anything to them while in Italy you can not.

Probably, Italy must learn a lot of things from Canada, not just these.



“The love of money grows as the money itself grows.”- Juvenal, Satires 14, v. 139

Love for money very often leads to unpleasant situations. Many people destroys their life and their family’s life, because of the desire of success.Can we consider it like a drug? From my point of view, we should enjoy of little things and be able to recognize material things from affections, however sooner or later we should leave everything in this world.

Remembrance Day- November 2013

“Two minutes of silent, at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, to remember this sad war.

We’ll hope to never know the suffering of these people who lost their families. 

In Italy, there is only a similar holiday, called “All saints day” on November 1st. The Italian tradition is to decorate families graves and war monuments with red, yellow, white and other coloured chrysanthemums. “

Place you like in Vancouver

I arrived in Vancouver last Friday night, so I didn’t see many places. Last Sunday morning I walked along the Fraser River. It’s a very relaxing landscape. I know how many beautiful parks there are in Vancouver and I hope to visit one of them next weekend. This is a very interesting city, from what I could see.